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Man Flips Off Person Trying to Return His Wallet – Backfires INSTANTLY

Random acts of kindness are inspiring to see in action – but they don’t always go as planned.

A┬áconfrontation between a motorcyclist and a careless driver resulted in the ultimate karma on the road, captured perfectly by the biker’s camera. As the motorcyclist approaches a gas station, a car cuts him off. Unknowingly, the car driver had left his wallet on the roof of the Hyundai, which falls onto the road as he pulls out in front of the biker and speeds away.

Being a good person, the biker picked up the wallet and pursued the driver down the road. After catching up to him, the driver promptly flips the bird, assuming that the biker was trying to instigate something. After realizing that he was merely trying to return his wallet, he pulls over and says “Thank you so much, bruv.”

He gets his wallet back – but what happens next is hilarious.

Completely justified? I certainly think so.

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