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Man Forced to Repossess Elderly Couple’s Car But His Heart Couldn’t Take It!

There are a number of jobs out there I could never do. I could never be a lawyer because I could never defend the guilty, I could never be a liberal politician because I could never deliberately sabotage economies, and I could never be a repo man because I’d feel too bad repossessing other people’s treasured items (even if they deserved to lose them).

When repo man Jim Ford got a call about an overdue car note that required him to take action, it seemed like another day on the job. A credit union contacted him to repossess a 1998 Buick that was a few hundred dollars overdue, so he drove out to the neighborhood to grab the car.

As he headed out to the house, he noticed a police officer in the area. Thinking he might know the owners or their situation, Ford asked the officer who told him the vehicle was owned by an elderly couple. Ford realized his day was quickly turning for the worse.

“I was like, aw man,” Ford said.

Ford pulled up to the house but decided not to disturb the couple, Pat and Stanford Kipping, at the late hour. The next day, Ford called the Stanfords and asked them to contact their bank and see if anything could be done. When it became clear that repossession was the only option, Ford drove back to their house with a heavy heart.

Watch what he had in store for them below:

An amazing end to what would otherwise be a saddening story. Who the heck repossesses a car over a few hundred bucks from senior citizens anyway?

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