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Man Gets Passed Over for a Promotion… Years Later, He Gets the Last Laugh!


Some of us get fired, some of us get snubbed, and some of us never get hired for the job we know we’d be perfect for.

And we all think the same thing:

“One day, I’ll show that boss he made a mistake.”

Of course, very few of us actually follow through on the promise, so please take a bow Mr. David Tepper.

He once worked at Goldman Sachs under future Democratic governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine. And when he was passed over for promotion, Tepper knew who to blame, his beardy boss:


But Tepper has had his revenge. And it only took him five years. In 2010, he purchased the Long Island home of Corzine’s ex-wife.

And he immediately tore it down. Because Tepper wanted to show Corzine a thing or two.

Over the following years, he built a far larger and more luxurious home on the land which Corzine had once owned. And as the photos above show, he’s done a pretty good job.

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H/T: 790 Talk Now Radio