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Man In Latest Hillary Clinton Ad Has EMBARRASSING PAST!

Now that a study has proven that voters literally don’t care that Hillary Clinton would be the first female president, she’s stopped playing the woman card. Admittedly, I could’ve told her that without a study and would’ve charged half as much as whoever commissioned that study.

So here’s the new angle: you have to be man enough to vote for her. I guess this is the political equivalent of “real men wear pink”? Here’s her most recent ad:


Surprisingly, the uber-progressives have yet to make some insane point about how this is somehow transphobic (I don’t know how it would be – but their mental gymnastics never fails to impress).

So who is this guy? I’m assuming he poses for stock photos, which anyone can use. I’m only assuming that’s the case, because she could’ve saved herself some embarrassment if her team looked into who else this guy has posed for:


To quote Ben Shapiro, “Hillary, like syphilis, is the gift that keeps on giving.” And while we’re making jokes, here’s a new campaign slogan for Hillary: #ImWithHerpes

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