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Man Who Interrogated 9/11 Mastermind Shared a Dire Warning with Megyn Kelly (CHILLING!)

Dr. James Mitchell, one of the men who interrogated 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” to discuss the controversial report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation methods.

Here is how Mitchell described KSM:

Mitchell described Sheikh Mohammed in initial interrogations as “immensely arrogant” and “disdainful.”

“He had a propensity at that particular point to be confrontational without being physical,” Mitchell said.

But the biggest take-away from Mitchell’s interview is a chilling discussion of how terrorists know very well how liberals in politics and in the media will never stand for interrogation methods… And that’s why the terrorists think they will win:

Mitchell alleged that no one from the Senate committee has ever asked him a single thing about the interrogations.

“Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has the opportunity to address the charges against him, but I don’t,” he said.

Mitchell told Kelly that he feels horrible because this report puts Americans at risk.

“It shows al Qaeda and the al Qaeda 2.0 folks, ISIL, that we’re divided and that we’re easy targets, that we don’t have the will to defeat them because that’s what they know. In fact, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told me personally, ‘Your country will turn on you, the liberal media will turn on you, the people will grow tired of this, they will turn on you, and when they do, you are going to be abandoned.’”

Via Fox news

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  1. Gary says:

    united we stand divided we fall

  2. Cliff says:

    These worms that you call ‘democrats’ are not actually democrats. These worms that you are calling ‘democrats’ are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are the new cowardly organization of communists that Nikita Kruschev of ol’ Russia 1960’s warned us about. Under the ‘guise of caring for humanity and human rights, they play upon the sensitivity of the public by using an arm of the communist movement known simply as ‘the press’, or ‘the media’. And everyday common people of society armed with only blind eyes and a caliber of stupidity that ranks higher than that of medieval times, just naturally and blindly fall for the deceit. In the meantime communism strikes another unchallenged blow to their number one hated enemy called freedom. What I don’t understand is, knowing how powerful and secretive you people in the CIA are, and CAN BE, why don’t you just exercise the skills and power that you have and go ahead and knock these IDIOTS off? Believe me, you sure would be appreciated a lot more!!! Or maybe you actually want them to win!?!?!? I’m truly hoping that the last sentence I just typed is not you at all.