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Man Tried To Help His Wife With Dementia, But He Never Expected THIS To Happen!

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This should have never happened and I wish I was there to help. I would have done everything in my power to protect this elderly man after what law enforcement officers did to him based on the information we’re getting.

Elbert Breshears’ wife  suffers from dementia, so when called for an ambulance it just so happened police showed up first.  The hurting they put on Elbert was uncalled for and should be investigated without question.

It is very sad how some of these small town police act. They didn’t take time to find out what was going on, just gung-ho about being a cop and trying to act tough, real tough. They should be charged with elder abuse, lose their job and not be able to be a police officer ever again.

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From KSPR:

When police got there,”police car drove up, he bailed out ran over and knocked me down. He told me to get up, I told him I couldn’t,” he explained.

That’s when Breshears says police got aggressive. “First thing, I know they grab me, threw me out there on the gravel. One of them sat down on my back, the other sat down on my head. They were trying to get handcuffs on me. I told them I can’t get my hands up. I have no objection to being handcuffed,” says Breshears.

By then paramedics arrived. Breshears says he and his wife were taken to the hospital. A doctor looked him over.

“He dug out the gravel out of my head and sewed my head up,” he says.

Breshears says he first started having problems with police at the beginning of the year. What happened here, he says is unbelievable.

“I didn’t know what to think. I never had anybody jump on me for doing nothing,” he says.

KSPR stopped by Humansville City Hall to try and speak to the mayor and police chief in person. They declined an interview. KSPR did speak with the police chief over the phone. He told us Breshears faces three charges: abuse of the elderly, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.

“I don’t hit my wife. I’ve lived with the woman for 47 years. I love the woman. I can’t help what she does,” says Breshears. A man who tried to help his wife, ended up getting hurt the most.

“All I was trying to do was my job and this is what I got for it,” he says.

Breshears’ wife is in the hands of professional care right now out of Humansville. He is working on getting her help a little closer to home here. He is also working on getting an attorney and plans to press charges.

The cops had NO reason to knock him to the ground, double-team him, and cause severe injuries. NO cop with any backbone, or common sense, would react to a situation like this. The man called for an ambulance, not a goon squad.


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