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Man Posts About Crashing Fundraiser On FB, Sheriff Quickly Makes Him Regret It!


A Maryland man took to Facebook to brag about crashing a fundraiser and enjoying the free food and beer.

Sean Eric Kovalick Jr. wrote a public post to his friends that he is “currently crashing some party” and that he doesn’t “know anybody here or why they are even here but the beer and food is free.”

He added, “Hopefully nobody asks me why I’m here.”

Big mistake.

It turns out the fundraiser was actually for Sheriff Ron Bateman who responded to Kovalick’s post by saying “that was MY fundraiser that you stole from.”

The sheriff added, “See you soon.”

Kovalick was arrested the following day on an outstanding warrant.


A man who said he crashed a fundraising event in a post on Facebook received a response from the county sheriff.

Police say Sean Eric Kovalick Jr. posted on Facebook on Jan. 29 that he was enjoying the free beer and shrimp at a fundraiser, which he guessed was for a politician. According to a screenshot provided by police, the post’s privacy was set to “public.”

The next day Kovalick received the following reply:

“That was a bad play for you, Mr. Kovalick, last night at Michael’s 8th Avenue. Thanks for posting your confession. This is Sheriff Ron Bateman and that was MY fundraiser that you stole from. I will stop by your house in the next day or two. See you soon.”

Police say Kovalick had an open bench warrant for failing to appear at traffic court on Jan. 15.

After being cuffed, Kovalick offered no excuses for his behavior, essentially admitting he had been one-upped by the Sheriff.

Comment: Why would somebody with a history of trouble with the law think it’s a good idea to post things like this on Facebook? Do you suspect this man is an Obama supporter assuming he’s entitled to ‘free’ beer and food? Share your thoughts below.