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Man Sees Troops Eating Dinner On The Floor Of Airport, Watch What He Does Next


A California businessman waiting for his next flight at an airport noticed hundreds of American troops eating dinner from paper bags while sitting on the floor of the facility.

At the same time, Shlomo Rechnitz noticed that civilians were eating their meals and drinking their drinks at fancy facilities within the airport.

Rechnitz thought this was wrong, so he offered the troops $50 apiece to have a good meal on him – 400 troops in all, at a total cost of $20,000.

A video of Rechnitz’ kind act and kind words to the troops has quickly spread and gone viral. Check it out …

Here is the Fox & Friends report on Rechnitz’ act of kindness as well …

Via Fox News Insider:

A California businessman on layover at Ireland’s international airport thought things looked “lopsided” when he saw a group of 400 U.S. troops sitting on the floor eating out of paper bags, while civilians dined at fancy bistros.

So he decided to do something about it.

“I figured, I want to make the picture look a little better, and offered them $50 apiece to go to those restaurants and have a warm meal on me,” Shlomo Rechnitz said on Fox & Friends.

Rechnitz is a fairly well known businessman and philanthropist, serving as a role model to many in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Comment: Have some kind words of your own for the troops and/or Rechnitz? Share those thoughts below.


Comments on “Man Sees Troops Eating Dinner On The Floor Of Airport, Watch What He Does Next”

  1. Delmer says:

    That was very nice and thoughtful of this gentleman for what he did for the troops. After all they have been getting a bad shake from this administration. I can
    Imagine how they appreciate the kindness of a decent
    respectable person.