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Man Who Tweeted “Kill All Whites” Gets BIG Dose Of Karma

An irrational fear of karma has always managed to keep me in line. The subject of the following story clearly didn’t share the same fear, and met an ironic demise.

A Black Lives Matter supporter who once Tweeted “Black is BACK White is WACK Wack A Cracker #2015” was shot and killed during a dispute over Timberland boots (apparently) at Northlake Mall today.

donkey cartel tweet

The person shot frequently posted racist, anti-white Tweets to his account.
donkey cartel hates whites

A member of Anonymous alerted us to these racist Tweets that were posted.
donkey cartel tweets 2 crop

Police report “an argument started” between two groups of people and then shots were fired. The Black Lives Matter supporter, Daquan Westbrook, was apparently a rapper known as Donkey Cartel on Twitter. The rapper frequently uploaded music videos glorifying violence to YouTube.

H/T Freedom Daily
It seems killing for shoes is an all-too-common occurrence.

Tragically, following his death he won’t be championed as a martyr for his movement because his killer had the same skin color. It’s no wonder we have to say “All Lives Matter,” – because it seems that black lives don’t even matter to Black Lives Matters.

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