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This Man Is the Ultimate Example of Why We Need Good Guys With Guns!

We’re all aware of the argument that’s practically become cliche at this point: the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

There’s no questioning it. Gun control is impossible to implement in America, a nation with more guns than people. Logistically, there is no way for the government to round up and destroy all those guns – and even if there were, it wouldn’t be worth it. We couldn’t keep 15 million illegal aliens out of our country, but we’re supposed to believe that we can prevent guns from crossing the border? Doubtful.

The left is happy to exploit tragedy to make their case for gun control, so let’s do the reverse and look at the cases where a guy with a gun actually saves the day.

The criminals he took off the street potentially saved countless lives for years to come.

And thank God he’s found a new place to set up shop.

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Comments on “This Man Is the Ultimate Example of Why We Need Good Guys With Guns!”

  1. SamBar says:

    Anarchy is the prevailing government in the US today. The lefties and the liberals are falling into the traps of the leaders of anarchy. They are led because they are dumb and have no point of reference for anything they do. If there were reasons for their madness, it could be understood, but there is no reference to a bonafide problem. President Trump has done nothing to these yahoos. He has been in office for less than a month, and the libtards and lefties are out in numbers protesting his every move. They march and chant without reason, they destroy property without reason, and they make claims that are without reason. It is time to clamp down on minions of the Socialists and Communist.