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This Man Resisted The Officer, Then Asked To Be Tased. Guess What!


A man resisting arrest told the officer, “Tase me if you want to!” – and the arresting officer obliged him.

As usual, the story begins before the camera is rolling so there is a dispute about what happened.

This story grew legs on the Huffington Post, and I thought needed to be examined a little more:

“The individual was obviously intoxicated and obviously very, very disorderly,” Isle of Wight Sheriff Mark Marshall told reporters. “Mr. Laws ended up smacking the marked patrol unit and then yelled and gestured at the deputy. The deputy stopped [and] Mr. Laws tried to get in the window and actually hit the deputy.”

“He wasn’t drunk,” he said. “He had been working with me and my brother-in-law putting logs in a trailer. He was just on his way to go get a beer at the store when the officer pulled up,” said neighbor Raymond Berndt, clearly missing the irony in his own statement.

“The Taser has a video capacity, so when it is unholstered and charged it starts recording the direction of the Taser,” the Sheriff said. “We do have a protracted period of time where you can hear [the deputy say], ‘Please comply sir. Please. You’re under arrest. You assaulted me.’ The deputy tries to talk him down and we have probably a minute, minute and a half of that.”

While the neighbors have rallied around Laws following his shocking encounter, the Sheriff applauded the officer for showing restraint.


“It’s very unfortunate that [the] video does not represent the entirety [of the incident],” he said. “After he had been attacked by Mr. Laws and actually pinned against his vehicle and choked, the deputy, constitutionally and by police policy, would have been authorized to use deadly force and he did not.”

You have to admit the officer was there to protect and serve, and this man got exactly what he asked for!

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H/T: Huffington Post



  1. Patty says:

    it is called RESISTING ARREST and the officer was well within his rights to taze the man. it was not an offer from the man to” taze him if he wanted,” it was all a matter of police protocol. perhaps if he had just done as he was asked, this would not have happened, but in today’s world, with people being so confrontational, one needs to examine how the Officer felt when this man decided he was above the law..to those video taping, set your feelings aside and rethink the situation and instead of what you THINK, imagine he had done as asked…”would this have happened at all???” not every Officer is out to be on the news, He was doing his job “TO SERVE AND PROTECT,” and I am certain he wanted to go home to his family that night. our friends are not always correct in what they choose to do, but, is that a reason to leave common sense and the decision between right and wrong by the wayside? i think not!

  2. Don says:

    Animals – should be exterminated.

  3. Rick says:

    Typical blacks….think they can do anything without consequences

  4. I know it says:

    Just dumb black pos. He resisted and got what he deserved. So shut the hell up.