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Only In California! This Manson Family Member Just Got SHOCKING News!

Manson Cult Van Houten 1969

Wait a minute…no it’s not Charles Manson, but they are looking to release one of his family members who took part in the cult killings in the 1960s.

Leslie Van Houten has been recommended for parole after spending decades in prison for the crime of accompanying Manson through his crazy acts of violence and killings. Many people are against this release as some family members want her to stay incarcerated until she dies and then probably a few more years after that.

The Review Board thinks she has changed her ways and is no longer a threat to society. I think she would fit right in with the Obama-Cult like atmosphere that has been unleashed on this nation the last seven years or the new Glenn Beck cult movement now playing on your TV and internet screens.

From The LA Times:

A California review board recommended parole Thursday for former Charles Manson “family” member Leslie Van Houten, who was convicted along with other members of the cult in the 1969 killings of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

Van Houten, 66, had been denied parole 19 times by the state parole board since being convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. After the two commissioners on the panel issued their decision at a hearing at the California Institution for Women in Chino, Van Houten said she felt “numb,” according to her attorney, Richard Pfeiffer.

“The opposition to parole has always been the name Manson,” Pfeiffer said. “A lot of people who oppose parole don’t know anything about Leslie’s conduct. Her role was bad. Everyone’s was. But they don’t know what she’s done since then and all of the good she’s done.”

The ruling will be reviewed by the parole board’s legal team. If upheld, it will be forwarded to Gov. Jerry Brown, who could decide to block Van Houten’s release. A spokesman for the governor said Thursday that it would be premature for his office to comment.

Cory LaBianca, who was 21 when her father, a wealthy grocer, and stepmother were slain in their Los Feliz home, said she was disappointed by the parole board’s decision and planned to lobby the governor to reject Van Houten’s release.

Watch the video report here:

I am not sold on the release of this convict. Once you believe all those things it becomes part of you to a large degree. You might be able to suppress it for a while but sooner or later it comes back through small triggers, and you mess up again. How do I know? I’ve watched it in TV movies.

I’m just kidding.

Hey if the review board says it’s ok, anything that happens from here on out will be on them. I hope the victim families do not have to live in fear of this action.

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