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After Attacks in France, Prime Minister Makes INSANE Comment About Islam

manuel valls booed

If you type “French Military Victories” into Google and press “I’m Feeling Lucky,” you’ll be asked if you meant “French Military Defeats.”

After seeing the nation’s response to recent terrorist attacks on their soil, it’s hard not to think their reputation as a bunch of wimps is unearned. It was recently brought to light that the French government covered up gruesome torture that occurred during the Bataclan ISIS attack back in November of last year.

After the most recent attack in Nice, France, where an Islamist mowed down hundreds in a truck, how did the French government respond? With threats of overwhelming military force? By calling out this evil for what it is – religiously motivated terror?


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed this morning as he attended a memorial event for the victims of the Bastille Day attack.

Mr Valls was attending a minute’s silence in the city of Nice when the large crowd vented their anger at him, loudly jeering when he appeared alongside other politicians.

The reaction comes after he told the French public to “learn to live with terrorism” following the country’s 12th Islamist incident since January 2015.

He said on Friday: “Times have changed and we should learn to live with terrorism. We have to show solidarity and collective calm. France has been hit in its soul on the 14 July, our national day.

“They wanted to attack the unity of the French nation.”

Numerous videos show the crowd loudly booing Mr Valls, with some shouting insults at the Prime Minister and calling for his resignation.

H/T: Breitbart

Good on the citizens of France – that was the correct response to this sort of nonsense.

The political elites in Europe are at a loss to explain why the “far-right” is rising across their continent, but all they need to do is look in the mirror.

What do you think? Should any leader EVER say “we need to live with terrorism?” Share your comments below!