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Marco Rubio SHOCKED His Supporters When He Did This! Trump Is Smiling!

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Sen. Marco Rubio will soon enough be a strong supporter of Donald Trump. Marco is committed to defeating Hillary Clinton and he has never wavered from this goal. A goal shared by all of the Republican candidates.

As I am reading around a lot of the message boards this morning, a lot to Rubio’s supporters are angry that their candidate is apologizing for going negative on Donald Trump during the campaign. I remember so many people blamed Trump for the “size of hands” comment, when all along that was started by Rubio during a campaign speech in Florida.

The game is called Politics folks if you don’t remember. Remove your emotional eyelids of negativity and watch reality play out before your eyes. Rubio has every right to now continue with his tactics of withdraw and re-enter the game, “they” always had a plan I believe. He and Trump would make a good combination, a million times better than Sen. Ted Cruz and Trump.

Rubio Wants To Be Helpful To Trump by dgraphics2009

From CNN:

Meditating on everything from Trump’s rise to his fractious relationship with Jeb Bush, Rubio revisited nearly every turn of his presidential run in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper that aired Sunday on “State of the Union.” The former presidential candidate, who has grudgingly said he will support Trump in November, also admitted a series of mistakes that he says eventually bedeviled his campaign.

Chief among those, Rubio has said, was belittling Trump for the size of his hands in the leadup to Super Tuesday, which he has publicly said he regrets. But Rubio went further when speaking with Tapper.
“I actually told Donald — one of the debates, I forget which one — I apologized to him for that,” Rubio said. “I said, ‘You know, I’m sorry that I said that. It’s not who I am and I shouldn’t have done it.’ I didn’t say it in front of the cameras, I didn’t want any political benefit.”

Rubio, who told Tapper that he would be willing to speak on Trump’s behalf at the convention, did signal some respect for the man he has sharply criticized, praising him as “the ultimate change agent” and that he may be developing “perhaps a more comprehensive approach” on some policy questions.
Rubio recommended that Trump not drastically alter his approach in the general election.

“I don’t think he should change if he’s been successful,” Rubio said when asked about Trump dredging up scandals of the 1990s to attack Hillary Clinton, which Rubio said he himself wouldn’t do. “I may not like that direction, but at this point, he won and this is the direction that he won on.”

I don’t have any problem with Rubio apologizing and trying to work out differences with the GOP nominee. A lot of things were said, A lot of those things are personal but people forgive whether they say it publicly or privately. A lot of Rubio supporters are liberal in nature if you watch what they are talking about and how angry they are with Rubio’s latest decision.

Many people have to realize is not about them it’s about beating Hillary Clinton in the fall. Anyone that is not on that train should not have a voice because┬áto give four years to Clinton in the White House, this country would never survive.

What do you think of Rubio’s changing ways? Do you feel he really wants to help Trump defeat Hillary or do you feel it’s self-serving? Share your opinions below and add this story to your facebook/twitter timeline.