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Marco Rubio Has the One Thing That Puts Him Ahead of Hillary By Eons!


Every Presidential election, pollsters ask voters which candidate they would rather have a beer with. This seemingly silly question is marginally important because Americans want to like their President. They want a President who is both a leader and relatable.

Marco Rubio’s campaign highlighted his likability in an ad of the Senator answering questions while catching footballs. Voters who didn’t already know will learn that Rubio was a college football player.

The ad also plays off an “oops” at the Iowa State Fair in which a young boy dropped a pass Rubio threw at him. Rather than run from the fumble, Rubio embraced it, reaching out to the child in an engaging and relatable manner.

This ad shows how well Rubio would perform in a general election matchup with Hillary Clinton. The former First Lady has trust and relatability issues with voters. Rubio is not only likable, he is well versed on the topics and has specific action items.

Do  you think voters relate to Marco Rubio? Please join the discussion.