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Marine Surprises Mom By Photobombing Her Selfie – The Look On Her Face Is Priceless


Here at Headline Politics, we’re always very partial to videos of our men and women in uniform returning home for a surprise visit to their families. They capture a special place in our hearts, and we think you’d agree.

The following short clip captures a little bit of that emotion, as well as a little bit of humor.

An Oklahoma mom got a great surprise when in the middle of her selfie, her Marine son jumped into the frame behind her for an epic photobomb.

This still frame from the video says it all:


The Marine wasn’t supposed to come home until after Christmas a few weeks later, but Santa it seems, delivered him ahead of schedule.

Via Fox News Insider:

An Oklahoma mom got the best Christmas gift she could have hoped for when her son came home from Marine training sooner than expected and jumped into her photo at an IHOP restaurant.

Wyatt said he arranged the surprise with his father weeks ago when he learned that he’d be traveling back from training in San Diego.

And Kimberly said she couldn’t put the feeling of having her son home for the holidays into words.

“I had gotten myself prepared to not spend Christmas with him,” she said. “And I was feeling a little blue trying to find that Christmas spirit. But it was just the icing on top of the cake. I mean, he has made the Christmas all the better.”

Check out the video of Pvt. Wyatt Gornick surprising his Mom for the holiday …

This is what it looks like when your son comes home and it’s a suprise

Posted by Bellan Gornick on Saturday, December 19, 2015

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