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Marine Veteran Shoots Robber Trying to Climb Through Bedroom Window

After having already suffered a break-in at his home three weeks ago, Dan Reynolds, a marine veteran from Katy, Texas, decided to be well prepared should a criminal try to rob him again.

So, when Reynolds heard glass shattering in his bedroom on Monday, he grabbed a 12 gauge shotgun he had purchased when his Glock was stolen during the previous robbery.

Reynolds shot the would-be criminal in the chest. The perpetrator fled leaving a trail of blood out into the street, where police believe he got into a car and left the scene.

Reynolds toldĀ others who might be consideringĀ breaking into someone’s home, “That’s what you get.”

Watch the news report below …


Comments on “Marine Veteran Shoots Robber Trying to Climb Through Bedroom Window”

  1. Roger says:

    Good Lord, Dan! A Marine should know that you need a slug in that gun. If you are not sure about your marksmanship with a shotgun, then double ot buck is the minimum. By the way, make darned sure he is inside before you let loose on him. Just my opinion.