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BREAKING: Racist Media Just Attacked A Top Black Trump Supporter!

Mark Burns

Mika Brzezinski, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, went nuts on Friday when she invited Pastor Mark Burns, a surrogate for the Trump Campaign on her show. I watched only a few minutes, and I knew she had an agenda that wasn’t looking to ask questions to inform her audience. She wanted to destroy him in the guest chair.

Brzezinski also gave a little “let me help you” monologue to the Republican Party as she went after Trump with two loaded barrels of ammunition. I will be the first to say “Morning Joe” is not covering the news, they are manipulating and filtering it, and pushing their political agendas.

You build an audience one viewer at a time, and that’s how you lose it. I have found Mika offensive and ignorant. She stifles discussion and interrupts other speakers consistently and displays an unprofessional attitude and these are her good qualities.

Mika is obviously trying to push her false liberal narratives. She is not a journalist and has destroyed the show. Check the ratings.

From Newsmax:

The Donald Trump campaign sent out an email Sunday attacking the “media bias” of an MSNBC host — one the Republican presidential nominee has publically criticized before via Twitter — saying Friday’s episode “set the bar as low as it could go.”

“Voters expect media to be fair and unbiased,” the email read. “But maybe they’re expecting too much after watching one of an appalling displays of vicious journalism in ‘Morning Joe’s history.”

The episode featured an interview with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but before she was given “softball questions,” as the email stated, the host admitted to holding bias.

“‘Morning Joe’ host Mika Brzezinski unbelievably went into full meltdown mode and admitted she couldn’t fairly cover the election unbiasedly, before turning on Pastor Mark Burns.”

Brzezinski said: “And I can’t pretend and, sort of, try to cover this fairly and put into the veil of objectivity.”

To which, the campaign email responded:

“Those words actually came out of her mouth. A host of a cable news show covering an election admitted on live television in front of a national audience that she can’t or won’t cover the election fairly.”

Trump tweeted Friday a call for Brzezinski to apologize to Mr. Burns.

MSNBC is nothing but an arm of the Democratic Party.

I know the media, press, talking heads & news, have made disparaging & slandering remarks about the voters, of this country just because they chose to vote for someone other than Hillary. The media, press, talking heads, news have bashed the voters. We have a two party system but I think everyone has forgotten this.

Do you think Trump is right for going after MSNBC or will this blow up in his face from other media outlets? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let me know how you are analyzing this story.