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Mark Cuban: Trump Projects Power, Gets Things Done!


Billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the investment show Shark Tank Mark Cuban says you can dislike Donald Trump all you want but the man gets things done.

“The thing about Trump is–whether you like him or not–he comes across as being strong…as being a leader,” Cuban told Fox News host Neil Cavuto. “There’s something to be said that someone who gets buildings with his name built, someone who’s been successful in business, is able to accomplish things.”

He added, “You may not like what he says but the way he says it is forceful and powerful and will get people’s attention.”

Listen to Cuban’s interview below:

Cuban made it clear that he is not a fan of Ted Cruz who he complains puts “labels” on everything. He declared himself an “ABC voter – Anyone but Cruz.”

The Mavericks owner also took a shot at socialist Bernie Sanders’ plan to give every American a free college education, stating simply, “Can’t happen.”

He then explained the Trump phenomenon:

Then the person who is most forceful — and really the person who can come across the best way and simplify things — has the best chance. It’s the old KISS concept: Keep it simple, stupid. And I think Donald has really dialed in on that and understands it. And he’ll admit it.

Cuban has previously made some complimentary comments about Trump, which you can check out here:

Comment: Are you with Cuban in that part of Trump’s appeal is that he has proven to be a man that “gets things done?” What else do you like about Trump that would make you vote for him? Share your thoughts below!

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