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Matthew McConaughey Just Made Liberals FURIOUS!

matthew mcconaughey

Alright, Alright Alright!

Hollywood stars aren’t known for their pro-America attitudes. Most of the time their elitist mindset causes them to look down on the country that gave them all their success and fortune. It is almost a cliche that celebrities are going to spout of anti-American garbage, and liberals love them for it.

No one bothered to tell that to Matthew McConaughey, though. What he just said is sure to have leftists and his fellow Hollyweirdos FURIOUS!

Via Breitbart:

Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey says his latest movie, Free State of Jones, a Civil War epic, has made him “honored” to be an American.
“America turns the page and evolves quicker than most places historically,” McConaughey said in a recent interview with the Daily Beast. “In that way I’m inspired, and it makes me happy to be, and honored, to be an American.”

“I’m not saying everything is just as they should be. But our ambition and our diligence to march forward for change, to test it out, to not give in to every new idea. … Where do we hang onto tradition, and where do we progress with new ideas, and ones that will hopefully stand the test of time?”

Wow. Not only is that an incredibly intelligent and thoughtful statement about how America operates, it is 100% correct. What sets us apart is that we take change seriously and deliberately. Or at least, we try to. America was founded by people who wanted us grounded in tradition but looking towards the future. It is refreshing to see a celebrity say something so honest and Pro-America!

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Comments on “Matthew McConaughey Just Made Liberals FURIOUS!”

  1. Elise says:

    Love him as an actor, love him as a citizen. He should run for Congress. That is the type of mentality we need!