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This May Be the Greatest Attempt at Driving in the HOV Lane We’ve Ever Seen


It’s difficult to discern which is better here – the driver’s attempt at getting away with driving in the HOV lane, or the police officers twitter post mocking him.

An officer in Tacoma, Washington spotted a man using a fake cardboard cutout in the passenger seat of his vehicle, in an attempt to create a fake carpool and use the HOV lane. After pulling the man over, the officer discovered that the passenger was rather interesting. In fact, he was the most interesting man in the world.

Via Fox News Insider:

This Washington driver wins the award for the “most interesting” attempt at fake-carpooling in the HOV lane.

An officer on motorcycle spotted the fake passenger near Tacoma, then realized that the driver was riding with a cardboard cut-out of “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

That’s right, the Dos Equis guy.

To his credit, the driver didn’t deny the cardboard nature of the man in the passenger seat, but did say he “is my best friend.”

The officer tweeted a picture of the man who appears to be stifling laughter, and mimicked the Dos Equis commercials in his posting.