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Mayor Reiterates Statement to Muslim Extremists: Accept Western Society or Get Out


Dutch mayor and Moroccan-born Muslim, Ahmed Aboutaleb, said that his background and the fact that he has risen to the rank of Mayor in a large western city, give him more leeway to say things at President Obama’s ‘summit on violent extremism.’ Thoughts and sentiments that others might not be able to voice.

Aboutaleb, shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris, delivered a message to Muslims who refuse to assimilate into Western society – “pack your bags and leave.”

He also told them they could “f*** off.

The mayor was interviewed by CNN’s Michael Holmes this week in which he reiterated those thoughts. Aboutaleb said to radical Muslims, if you don’t like our society “you’d better leave.”

Aboutaleb:  … If you reject the society, you don’t want to be member of what I call the ‘we community’ and you reject the constitution and you reject the quality between people and you reject the freedoms, then it’s up to you to examine whether you want to be with us.

There is also another choice and that is not to be with us and to leave — to leave our society. You are not forced to be with us. It’s a choice.

And that’s what I said to people. I’m not forcing anyone to get out of the we society. It’s a free choice. Be with us; work with us together to construct a we society.

But if you want to get out of the we community, you threaten us, you go to Yemen to learn how to use a Kalashnikov and to come back to citizen society, well, you are not part of my we society; you’d better leave.

You can watch the interview below…

Perhaps what stands out even more, is that Aboutaleb directly rejects the Obama administration’s efforts to link poverty and a lack of jobs to the reasons terrorists commit such atrocities.

“Mr. Holmes, I’m one of the people who knows how it is to live in poverty. I spent 15 years in Morocco of my life on one meal a day, walking without shoes. Go to the Netherlands without a coat to protect myself. So I know how it is to be a product of poverty.  And I cannot accept that poverty leads to terrorism.”

Mark that down as yet another foreign leader who understands the threat of terrorism better than our own President.

Readers – What do you think about the Mayor’s comments? Is he being too harsh when he tells radical Islamists if they don’t like his city, then get out? Or is he perfectly right?



  1. Diana says:

    This man is right. All of the countries need to stand together on this matter. The Muslims will then have a clear picture as to how to behave or move.

  2. moochie says:

    Good for him!…We need leaders like this that can affirm our country, constitution,etc., and not allow the walls of our society to be broken down…as we are now a broken nation…struggling to stand on the foundations and standards that built our country–

  3. Phil says:

    The Mayor is right on. Obama doesn’t have a clue.

  4. Leslie says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Anyone who moves “here” and does not assimilate is a foreign colonist…someone who is here to help take over the state for the culture they bring…every time the ‘faith’ gets about five percent of the population, the disaffected begin to cause trouble.
    Go ahead: you can check that statement with any country.

    Further: His Honor the Mayor is only telling the truth: those who don’t fit should go where they will not have to be higher-developed humans who can adapt…they can stay in the seventh century, as in Saudi Arabia and other sandboxes of retarded humanity, have their womens’ clitorisis cut out,
    lop off hands and feet of accused persons, and feel holy…never being reminded what poor, antediluvian jerks they really are in their pompous little lives…of what possible use are such persons in the general productive advance of citizens of a European or American state?

    The Mayor is a good man to follow on this issue. Sometimes we need strong immigrants, who wish to emulate and assist in humanity’s uplift, who will tell the TRUTH…

  5. Darlene says:

    No he is NOT being to Harsh. Wish it was said here in the USA. That is so could for someone to Love their Country to Say this.