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Mayor’s Response To ‘In God We Trust’ Controversy Will Leave Atheists Fuming


The Mayor of a small town in North Carolina has a message for atheists trying to remove ‘In God We Trust’ decals from local police vehicles – Not a chance, because “We’re Americans here, and we’re proud of it.”

Believe it or not, the four-word official motto of the United States of America is causing problems after appearing on police vehicles, with some leftists arguing that it’s not “inclusive” enough or is “in poor taste.”

No, anti-American, anti-God atheists who try to push their views on others is “in poor taste.”

Check it out:

The mayor of China Grove isn’t having it.

Via Fox News Insider:

China Grove Mayor Lee Withers joined “Fox and Friends” this morning to defend the department’s decals, calling his town a “very irreverent, very patriotic community” that values the official U.S. motto.

“It’s nothing to draw controversy to,” Withers told Brian Kilmeade.

“We fly the American flag, we say the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting. Why would we not post the official U.S. motto in our town council and also in our vehicles?”

Asked whether he is considering removing the decals, Withers replied, “There’s no need to. It’s the official U.S. motto.”

“We’re Americans here, and we’re proud of it.”

Previously, we covered the story of two Texas sheriffs who came under fire for having their vehicles use of the same motto.

Their response was to tell atheists to “go fly a kite” and “go butt a stump.”

Withers’ saying “we’re Americans here” is pretty good too.

Comment: What would you say to atheists who complain about the “In God We Trust” motto appearing on police cars? Tell them below.