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A German Grandfather Worried About Migrants Gets This Disgusting Response From His Mayor. Vile


Germany is being over-run by Muslim migrants.

They are invading cities and harassing women and children.

This is a horrible situation and citizens should expect their government to protect them, right?

Not in the town of Bad Schlema

The grandfather of an elementary school girl “under 10” said the children have been harassed by refugees on their way to school. The man asked Bad Schlema’s mayor Jens Muller about his plans to prevent sexual assaults by refugees on girls in the community, particularly when the weather gets warmer and people dress more lightly.

“That’s easy,” Muller said. “Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

Watch the whole exchange here:

Yes. that’s right little girl. Don’t provoke the grown men into harassing and raping you!

What is happening in Europe? Do the leaders their WANT their country over-run and turned into Islamic states where women must be covered-up or risk being beaten?!
Via The Daily Caller

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