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After Watching These ‘Reporters’ Discuss Abortion, America Needs to Find God


Every day I wake up and think it’s going to be a better day than the day before, then I view a story that has the making of some of the most slow-thinking Americans they’ve ever put on TV. Members of the liberal media, specifically Chris Cuomo and Bob Schieffer, debated the existence of partial birth abortions…..partial birth….abortions.

Of course, there are partial birth abortions! Where have these mentally challenged adults been residing, Jonestown? Partial birth abortion is a fact! Ripping children from their mother’s womb is REAL. For far too long right to choose sounds much better than the right to kill your baby. Democrats are great spinners of the truth.

And if we really want to talk about late term abortions, don’t look any further than Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who delivered full-term babies and killed them before they took their first breath.

From NewsBusters:

On Thursday morning, journalists on CBS and CNN were aghast at Donald Trump bluntly and accurately describing Hillary Clinton’s support for partial-birth abortion. Attempting to fact-check the Republican nominee on CBS This Morning, former Face the Nation moderator Bob Schieffer falsely asserted: “…no woman carries a child for eight and a half months and then decides she wants to have an abortion.”

He continued: “The abortions that happen at that period are usually about the life of the mother. Nobody does that. And that is just – that’s just horrible to even contemplate.”

On CNN’s New Day, anchor Alisyn Camerota pressed Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes on the issue:“Donald Trump used some pretty graphic, certainly striking language about abortion, and he said something that many people just say is not true. That he was basically saying, you know, a woman can demand an abortion one day before her due date, you know, at nine months and it’s just so horrific. Not true.”

Co-anchor Chris Cuomo chimed in: “Some would argue that’s called birth, if you take a baby out at that last stage, it’s viable.” Camerota added: “There are also all sorts of laws in this country that set 18 weeks in some states, 20 weeks in some states, 22 weeks as the limit. So what was he what was he, what was the point he was trying to make last night?”

Our government and laws are set up to protect us. Our government makes plenty of decisions we comply with. Protecting the lives of our most innocent and vulnerable human beings is everyone’s business. Are you the type of person who pulls babies halfway out of a mommy, slits a babies neck while it is crying and sucks out its brains? Did you know this is the method used in late term abortions?

Did you know that babies fully feel themselves being hacked up or chemically burned inside their mommies during abortions? This is all proven, medical fact.

I find it puzzling that liberals will have a hysterical fit at a criminal execution, whining about humanity, but not bat an eye at what is clearly the murder of the unborn child. Americans have been duped into believing that it is a right to kill unborn children. A caring, and kind civilization would see this as the abomination it truly is.

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