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Media Cover-Up: Arab Immigrants Accused Of Raping Woman On NYE


While most of us celebrated New Year’s Eve, it appears that a large criminal gang in Cologne, Germany, used the event to engage in a series of crimes, many of which were sexual in nature.

A gang of 1,000 men stand accused of multiple thefts and sexual assaults. One women, an off-duty police officer, claims to have been raped.

So why isn’t the vile exploits of this criminal gang being reported in the media? Because the gang were North African and Arab immigrants.

You’ll remember that Germany is one of the few nations to have accepted the tidal wave of economic migrants coming from the Third World with open arms. The government and the German media are united in their belief that this is a good thing. And it appears that when stories emerge that challenge this liberal belief, they are suppressed and ignored.

It took five days for German newspapers to finally report on the attacks, and German police took the same number of days to finally admit the ethnic origin of the gangs. What can explain the delay apart from craven political correctness?

H/T: London Telegraph

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