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Thousands of Christians Praising God in Times Square Will Leave You Speechless


While politics may be bitter – the rest of the world isn’t. In Manhattan, something amazing happened that the mainstream media didn’t give much attention.

Former “Growing Pains” star-turned-Evangelical Christian, Kirk Cameron, told Independent Journal Review he believes the cure to a morally decrepit society starts at home: “If the root is sick, the fruit is going to be rotten. We’re seeing a lot of rotten fruit in political, economic, social and religious sectors, and the way to fix that is to dig down and repair the root. The root is our faith and that’s how we will rebuild the nation, including electing healthy leaders.”

Christian singer Matt Redman performed in Times Square and those in attendance were completely moved.

This should have been on every news station! Something like this is pretty dang noticeable!

H/T IJ Review



  1. RDavid says:

    *** America’, “Please join with me ‘To humbly, Honor, Thank, and Praise, Our CREATOR’, “The Giver of All Good Gifts and Graces’, for, “HE’, has answered the Prayer’s and pleadings of Our Multitudes of Christ-Servants, of all religions of Our Nation.” Our God has provided Mercy, and Forgiveness to Our Republic, in a frame, form, and manner, that, ” Honors, ‘Our One Nation Under GOD’, ‘Our Founder’s’, ‘Our People, of all stripe’s and otherness-es’, with-in Our-> “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”
    *** AS the VOICE of “We The People”, has been ‘SHOUTED Aloud’, throughout our republic, from ‘Border to Border, and Sea to Shining Sea’, that , “The Constitution, Bill of Right’s, and Our Declaration of Independence’, are the PILLAR’S of Americas Strength and Unity, that ENSURE, “The FREEDOM’S of Our United States of America, are the Hallmark of This Great Nation, and Blessed by God, produced by Our Founders, while being, “Preserved, Protected, and Defended’, by Our Military’s,’Air, Ground and Sea, with Courage, Endurance, Strength, Valor, and Loyalty, since June 14, 1775.”
    *** Now comes the time for a “CALL to Prayer’, of ‘Our newly Elected Executive Leadership”, “To “RIGHT the Path of Our Country”, to, “JOIN the Three Branches of Our Government”, to, employ their Allegiance’s to their Oath’s of Office, to, “Heal the wounds and Uphold Our Principles of Moral’s, Value’s, and Ethic’s” in their “CHARGE, with transparent ACCOUNTABILITY”, … to … “MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN”. Amen And Amen
    Battle Hymn Of The Republic with Lyrics
    Battle Hymn Of The Republic sung by Bill and Gloria Gaither.

  2. secularsceptic says:

    Just like they totally ignored the 1500 people Tea Party rally in the Downtown World’s Fair Park, in Knoxville, Tn. back in April 2009. Not a word on the 11:00 pm news except they interviewed about 10 U of Tn students who were opposed to the rally. When it was over there was not a shred of trash or litter, or even an overflowing trash can. We took out our own trash. There was a conservative Black speaker who got a well deserved round of applause. So much for the racist label.

  3. Shannon says:

    They didn’t miss it. Christians and others’ views have been ignored for a while now. The immigrant and illegal agenda had taken that over and would have wiped us out in a few years. We, the People, have spoken and are grateful for the pride Donald Trump has in “our” America. Time to sweep up the mess the Democrats created!!