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Media Shames the Duggars… But Guess Which Star With Similar Accusations Goes Unscathed


The situation in the Duggar household is certainly quite tense as of late. The stars of the show 19 Kids and Counting, a reality TV program about an oversized Christian family in the heart of America have always riled the left, but recent news about child molestation accusations against one of the Duggar sons, Josh, are sadly a dream come true for many. The Washington Post’s Amber Phillips took the opportunity to highlight Josh’s many photo-ops with prominent Republican politicians. Josh Duggar’s position as the (now former) head of the Family Research Council (FRC) afforded him this chance to schmooze with many of the potential candidates for President in 2016. Because of these photo-ops, Phillips claims that anyone who happened to take a photo with Duggar should loudly denounce the star. Mike Huckabee, an outspoken fan of the Duggars, and vice versa, has taken the opportunity to clarify his feelings on what took place between Josh and his five young sisters, writing a defense of the family on Facebook. He writes,

Janet and I want to affirm our support for the Duggar family. Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he…

Posted by Mike Huckabee on Friday, May 22, 2015


Huckabee’s statements are a far cry from what many who have followed the case wanted, though parts of his comments ring true for any unbiased follower of the news, politics and pop culture. There are plenty in the media enjoying the Duggars’ downfall, even though it comes at the expense of their five innocent daughters, who were both abused and then had that abuse exposed in the national media.

Another star with accusations of child molestation against them is also a darling of politicians: Lena Dunham. The difference, though, is that Dunham is a darling of Democrats, not Republicans. Dunham’s child molestation accusations don’t come from old police reports but from the accused herself. In her book, Dunham goes into graphic detail, explaining herself what she did to her infant sister that, for any other child, would have led to intensive therapy and forced separation from her sibling.

Did anyone in the media tell politicians like President Obama to distance himself from Dunham, who went so far as to make a commercial for the President’s reelection?


Of course not, because there’s one key distinction between Dunham and Duggar that explains the media’s handling of child sex abuse allegations: One is lucky enough to be a Democrat. The other will continue to be vilified in the national media for at least another few news cycles.

Comment below: What other media double standards annoy you?



  1. Linda says:

    So from what I get from this article it is ok to abuse young children as long as you are a Democrat?
    And this is not the first article I have read on this situation. If this is how the Democrats feel than they should never be allowed to be in our Government. But I will never vote for any Democrat if this ad was chosen to promote Obamamama!!! USA is going to hell in a hand basket, and hopefully the Democrats go first!!

  2. Vickie says:

    Lena Dunham is a mental case that has found a forum. She is an ugly pervert.

    The Duggars need to go. They are the height of hypocrisy.

  3. Mary says:

    lena duham? who is she and who did she molest, was it a family member? If it was a child and I don’t care how old the molester was they deserve what ever punishment and hate is put against them

  4. Michele says:

    I think the issue is not Democrat vs Republucan or a double standard… The issue is that the whole Duggar “cult” project fhemselves to be more moral and more righteous than others. They homeschool their children to keep them away from the “evils” of society, yet the evil elephant in the room was one of their own. Their entire nonsense about purity and side hugs and kissing only when married, while protecting their son at the expense of their daughters. They are a total sham- hypocrisy at its finest. Lena Dunham never declared herself holier than thou, and her show certainly doesn’t project that! The Duggars are moral and religious hypocrites and that is why they are being slammed!

  5. Diane says:

    I think you missed the point. While I’ll certainly not defend Josh Duggar, I think Lena Dunham should be equally shamed and outcast. I think it is disgusting that as part of her act she boasts about her abuse of her sister. Both are wrong and morally reprehensible acts were done but the hypocrisy of the media is clear. I’ll never listen to Dunham nor watch 19 kids and counting. So my bias is against both no matter where they stand politically or religiously.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting that Josh Duggar is innocent. His behavior was despicable and he has admitted to that. It makes me cringe to read about it. However, it is very clear that there is a double standard when it comes to to reporting this type of story. Lena Dunham wrote about her very disturbing behavior as a child in her book. It was unnecessary for her to write about it in her book, but she chose to do so. She clearly has no regrets about it, either. No one in the media seems to care one bit. Nor do the politicians that she has endorsed or the celebrities that she hangs out with. Frankly, I had never heard of her prior to her giving the salacious details of what she did to her baby sister. Perhaps it was a publicity stunt in order to get people to read her book. Personally, I have no desire to read about what she did. However, since we are all concerned about the mental health issues of children here, did Ms Dunham’s parents get counseling for her? If not, why not? I seriously doubt that Ms Dunham’s parents sought any type of counseling for their daughter, since she has no regrets about what she did to her sister. Why should she? She simply sees it as some sort of rite of passage. She has been given a pass and to deny so is to be disingenuous at the very least.

  7. Deborah says:


  8. Loralee says:

    The argument is not that Josh Duggar is under attack because he is Republican. The argument is that WHY is Lena Dunham NOT under attack for doing arguably as bad or worse actions, and is it because she happens to be a Democrat?

  9. Maria says:

    Doesn’t it say in the Bible { He who is without sin cast the first stone] Why don’t we let God judge Josh Dugger , We have all made mistakes in our live’s .Why did Christ get nailed to the cross for? Christ died for our sins.

  10. Theresa says:

    Politics aside, the Duggar family brand sells model Christian living. Lena Dunham sells sex. Plain and simple, you are comparing an apple to an orange. Lena is a celebrity and writer. Her life as we see it, is completely made up. The Duggars are “reality” celebrities. They sold their “real” life to viewers, and sadly the viewers expected 100 percent transparency. This is not an accusation, he has admitted to the molestation. One of the victims outside his family. What else has been covered up? If they sold themselves as every day Americans, they would not have been on television. They created a specialty brand of Christianity. They made millions and millions off of a brand they developed and lied about. I am a conservative, and this is a far reach comparison. This makes us just look spiteful.

  11. Milana says:

    While I agree with this page most of the time, I am disturbed that you feel Josh Duggar is only under attack because he is Republican. He MOLESTED HIS SISTERS! There is no excuse for sexually molesting any child by anyone…. and to excuse such behavior as media harassment is what is wrong with this country. Republican, Democrat, male, female…..it is inexcusable. He should be in jail! Shame on you for implying he is not being treated fairly. Treating him fairly involves jail time…teenager at the time or not!

    1. Brittany says:

      I think you kinda missed the point here. The article is not saying he shouldn’t be punished they are saying that everyone who has done this should be punished, including Ms. Dunham. She has yet to even be investigated and she openly admitted what she had done. I do think it has nothing to do with political beliefs, that part was just idiocy. I think it is more of a gender issue. If Dunham was a boy, she would have been in jail by now.

    2. Rhita says:

      Sure..we should punish him some more for what he did as a child. He has already been punished..loss of job, loss of reputation, he will have to deal with his children one day. I would say he is punished.

      1. Sherry says:

        Just like you, Milana…I have a view and I totally DISAGREE with you! I’m just wondering if there is anything that you have done in your life that you might be ashamed of. If it hasn’t happened yet…I can assure you, it will!. Josh was 14!!! It was wrong! He said that he confessed what he had done because he knew he had done terribly wrong and wanted help. His Daddy did something MOST parents would NEVER DO…TOOK HIM TO THE POLICE!!! Made it public so you and people like you could make your Judgements! I’m sure that you’ll pray when your secrets come out…IF THEY EVER DO…people are more understanding. STOP thinking you are so perfect! Because you’re not. None of us are.