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Megyn Kelly Defends Raunchy Photos Before Huge Interview With TRUMP!


Fox News host Megyn Kelly is promoting her interview with GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump but she’s also defending racy photos she did a few years ago that keep materializing on social media. Trump once tweeted a negative opinion about it as she was supposed to be a respectable journalist and everyone knows when Trump brands you, you’re done.

Hey I know Kelly is a good looking woman on the outside but I just do not like her disposition on the inside. She has a way about her that emanates golddigger. Yes, I apologize for that word use but nobody respectable would do this unless they had a purpose to be seen all over the news channels on a major TV station.

Remember, these pictures can’t be taken back. They are out there and anyone can use them for whatever purpose they wish. Trump got in all kinds of trouble when he retweeted someone who called her a bimbo. Even though he never called her that, he is still branded with that tweet.

From Daily Mail:

Megyn Kelly is defending a photo shoot she did for GQ back in 2010 that showed the Fox News host in nothing but heels and a black bodycon minidress.

‘I wouldn’t have done that photo shoot if I thought it was something to be ashamed about,’ Kelly said in an interview with People.

I was 40, and I was pregnant, I was like, “I look pretty good.“‘

Donald Trump mocked the photo shoot earlier this year by retweeting someone on Twitter who posted a meme of the images that said: ‘Criticizes Trump for objectifying women… Poses like this in GQ Magazine.’

Trump also retweeted what that person wrote on Twitter: ‘And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions?’


Watch this segment where Kelly talks about why she did the photoshoot

Again, I think this was a bit much for a news anchor with her own show but to each it’s own. It sure made a lot of heads turn and turn again. Kelly decided to break down the obstacles standing in the way of her and Trump as she traveled to Trump Tower to meet him and go over what transpired between them.

The interview will be soon airing on Fox under the title “Megyn Kelly Presents.” I won’t be watching as I think Kelly wants huge ratings and to have Trump will secure that after their falling out. Honestly I don’t think Trump should have granted Kelly an interview after watching her invite anti-Trump haters on her show every night to spew venom against the candidate.

That’s something I can’t forget and won’t forget. She even blocked me on social media because I called her out for it. I think that’s where I draw the line but I digress.

H/T – Daily Mail

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