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Megyn Kelly Was out for Trump’s Blood During the Debate… Now These Women are Returning Fire!

megyn kelly

Seriously, when I saw this, I was like wow, just wow!

I had been outspoken about what happened during the Fox News GOP debate last Thursday night when I, along with many Americans, thought a couple of the moderators pounded front-runner Donald Trump with private ticky-tack questions.

These two video bloggers host The Viewers View, a place where everyday women react to the news and deliver their reactions with comedy and seriousness.

Saying these two ladies were upset at what they saw at the GOP debates would be a gross understatement. Their nearly four-minute video ripped moderator Megyn Kelly to shreds for attacking the real estate mogul, accusing her of hitting “below the belt” and demanding she “leave my Donald alone.”

“Megyn Kelly, who do she think she is? She is trying to destroy our future president Mr. Donald Trump and we won’t let that happen,” the woman vividly explained. “Here is our take… You hit below the belt, Kelly. You hit below the belt, girl! But blow on this. Leave my man Donald Trump the hell alone!”

The women also said that Kelly should “go back to local news” to report, and they later told Kelly to “report news for Sesame Street.”

“Maybe you should go back and report news for Sesame Street,” she says. “You don’t come for Donald like that, he ain’t done nothin’ to you!”

“He don’t do nothing to nobody unless you try to do something to him,” she angrily added. “Once you do something to him, he’s gonna go on and do something to you.”

The scathing, albeit hilarious, video appears to reflect what many conservatives have been feeling after the controversial debate, with many people accusing Kelly of the same things. However, most loyal Trump supporters don’t believe that the debate hurt him at all, and in fact, in some areas helped.

Trump seems to have picked up support by people who are tired of the ridiculous political correctness in our nation. Share your thoughts in the comment section and share this on your twitter/Facebook wall for discussion.



  1. Arizona Don says:

    The so called debate last Thursday night did not come across as a debate but instead a gotcha quiz for the candidates not liked by Fox News. Intent is irreverent it is the appearances that count. That approach is, in my view, indefensible.

    Fox as a whole, like some other main stream networks it seems are emphatically against Trump. The reason I suspect is because he is not a Carl Rove type republican. Quite frankly I’m glad he isn’t. Nominating a moderate republican is like nominating a progressive democrat light if in fact that is possible. We have tried that three times with no positive results. One more loss and the republicans may kiss the GOP goodby. They will surely go the way of the Whigs. If in fact America survives as a constitutional Republic as set forth within the constitution itself. With the current promised fundamental transformation.

    Some view Trumps honesty as brashness it is not. We are so used to politically correct politicians we, it seems, no longer fully appreciate truthfulness and honesty. But without it freedoms seem to disappear rapidly. We fortunately have many honest, truthful candidates within the current group vying for the Republican nomination. Donald Trump has on occasion said he wanted to run as a Republican not as an independent. Yet Fox determined to destroy him if they could and asked the question (with malice) again to kick off the debate. If in fact Baier, Kelly and Wallace spent nearly two weeks deciding the questions and they could not see the potential damaging repercussions a question like that would create they are not the journalists everyone seems to think they are.

    I suspect from what I have heard and the control of Fox has gone to Murdoch’s sons the attitude at Fox will go from attempting to be fair and balanced to progressive. It has been reported they are very stanch progressive democrats. If last Thursday night proved nothing else and it didn’t, it did prove that! It has been reported Fox network has donated over five million dollars to the Clinton foundation and the Clinton’s. And they criticized Trump for donating to democrats during the gotcha quiz?

    I do not recall any time during two campaigns any questions asked Barack Obama that were any where near as accusatory or derogatory to him as most of the questions asked of Donald Trump were last Thursday. Even though there were dozens many people wanted him to be asked like why was he hiding his records? Seems to me when someone runs for the highest office in the land that would be more pertinent then accusing Donald Trump of calling someone like Rosy O’Donnell of being a fat pig. Asking tough questions on policy would be considerably different then asking personal questions meant to degrade and disparage the Trump candidacy.

    I still lean toward supporting Walker because of his record. However, it is early yet with a long way to go so I say let the best man or women win. Let it happen without media prejudice or interference. This is an outstanding group of candidates for that we are very lucky. Consequently, I hope once in the last 20 years the best candidate does win.

    In the final analysis it was Fox Network that was the big loser on Thursday nights gotcha quiz.

    1. Gary says:

      Good post, Don. The corrupt and fundamentally immoral media has decided our future and molded public opinion in whatever they determine it to be. And as you said, this is not journalism.

      With the corrupt electorate in America using tampered computers for voting (twice they tried to overrule my vote before my own eyes), the journalism that has absconded the ways of truth and virtue in the news media (as Edward R. Murrow warned), is it any wonder most Americans believe and quote what they learned on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.? These are nothing more than corporate/political propagandists who withheld the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, sparking the Vietnam War. They even withheld the wellknown fact that American oil companies were drilling horizontally into Iraq, stealing Iraqi oil, forcing Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait and set fire to those wells spewing Iraqi oil. I know two oilmen who were there, and they were certain of this knowledge.

      The never-ending volumes of sin in this corrupt and fiendish world, run by luciferians, will never end (Matt.4:8-10) until Christ comes to crush every unrepentant regime masquerading in virtue. This is why I believe in GOD and Jesus Christ: to settle the unanswered abuses of popes, televangelists, tyrants, politicians—and so-called journalists. The heart cries for justice that is not being met in this world. And that includes exposing the fraudulent pagan teaching of eternal hellfire as taught in the mainstream churches. The Bible debunks this in a heartbeat. “Aye, there’s the rub…” The church doesn’t follow the book they claim they do. Even Rome is bold about their apostasy: “The church is above the Bible.”—The Catholic Record, Sept.1, 1923. This is why these people are unfit to lead their own lives let alone yours or mine.

  2. Gary says:

    I kept hearing how equal time was to be given the candidates. Just another lie from those who lie as easily as they breathe. This was nothing short of a political tag-team wrestling match all centered to knock out the wind of Donald Trump’s sails. What I see unfolding in our society is a level of insanity that makes no logical or ethical sense. And its increasing its scope in both power and immorality. And those who rule are fomenting it! The judgment of GOD will deal with this and every injustice this world has suffered when every man stands before “the judgment seat of Christ” at the resurrection.

    Now, suppose, leading up to the election we have the long-anticipated financial meltdown where the Petro Dollar ceases to be the world’s standard of currency, and America’s entire financial system collapses ushering a level of depression far exceeding that of the “Great Depression?” Who would you want in the White House to take the measures needed to stabilize the economy and get it on some kind of footing where mobs don’t gather and ransack everything?

    Consider how violent in temperament people are now. And these are times of peace!

  3. Ron says:

    If Trump is unable to deal with less than friendly questions without retaliating like a spoiled six year old, how in the hell is he going to deal with less than friendly in the world theater. Believe me, the rest of the world is not in awe of “the Donald” and will not cut him any slack. If he truly wants to lead this country he has to learn to take the high road—not going to happen.

  4. La says:

    The question she asked had no place in a presidential “debate” (though this was really a TV show to assassinate Trump)…

    Trump wasn’t asked a serious question all night that had anything to do with being President. I was waiting for them to ask him about Miss Universe…

    Clearly none of these so called “moderators” have ever read Trumps books outlining his ideas for America. Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again and The America We Deserve. All of the questions for him should come right from his ideas.

    Funny how the puff ball questions went to Kaisch the ex Fox News employee, the one about Homosexual Marriage was almost as if he was tipped off with his answer sounding as if it was coming off a teleprompter.

    Reince and the RNC put out a hit on Trump and Fox News took the contract as the assassin. I have completely lost respect for all three Fox Employees and the Network as a result of this TV Show masquerading as a debate.

    1. Steve says:

      Righttttttttttt asking him if he would get behind other republicans should he not win the nomination was soooooooooo wrong! You and all Trump supporters are morons and are probably the very morons that voted for obama twice! I thought she should have went harder at him but she didn’t! She knows what i know..he hasn’t the intelligence to answer a difficult question concerning the nation! The questions she did ask he couldn’t give a reasonable answer to..he thinks he can just buy people anytime he wants and he said it on live tv! Sorry your feelings got hurt there cupcake but Trump got owned!

  5. Kelly and Wallace are just little attack poodles. I call them KOCH-suckers along with most all FAUX News yapping klowns.

    “Do not suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberty by any pretences of politeness,
    delicacy or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three names for hypocrisy,
    chicanery, and cowardice.”
    – John Adams, 1789