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Trump’s Secret Weapon Steals Primetime Spotlight! Watch Her Work!

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Perhaps it’s because Melania Trump is a young woman, but her speech and her quaint quietness remind me of a former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. I know some of you won’t remember, but I remember what a respectful woman Jackie was — just like Melania.

Her speech to the RNC was amazing!

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From The Daily Caller:

While addressing  the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio Monday night, the 46-year-old praised her husband, calling him an “incredible leader.”

“You have all been very kind to Donald and me and our young son Baron and our whole family,” she told the crowd at the Quicken Loans Arena. “We are excited to be with you at this historic convention. I am so proud of your choice for President of the United States, my husband, Donald J. Trump.”

“I can assure you that he’s moved by this great honor. This year started with many candidates — 17 to be exact — and they deserve respect. However, when it comes to my husband, I will say that I’m definitely biased and for good reason.”

“I have been with him for 18 years. He never had an agenda when it comes to his patriotism. Like me, he loves this country.”

Melania told the crowd that “from a young age,” her parents instilled the values of “business, integrity and intelligence” in her.

I like that she said it was a privilege to live here in America. She’s right, you know, we are very lucky to be here. She’s well traveled, used to working hard, and was brought up right — a very nice woman.

Melania is easy for the liberals to hate. She’s a beautiful, immigrant that became a citizen, loves THIS country, didn’t have an abortion, is not on government assistance, and mispronounced a couple of words.

Melania is a class act… One can literally see the love she has for her husband, family, and country.

Did you get to watch Melania speak? What did you think of her speech and do you think she can help Trump on the campaign trail? Share your ideas below.