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First Ever Latina SNL Cast Member Called Racist…Here’s Why!

Melissa Villaseñor

SNL just hired its first ever Latina cast member, Melissa Villaseñor, and she is already embroiled in a major controversy, after deleting 2,000 racially charged tweets. She thought 2,000 tweets were funny enough to post. Apparently she doesn’t think they are so funny now since she’s going to be appearing on a national stage and wants to conform.


From The Daily Mail:

When Saturday Night Live announced that it was hiring its first ever Latina cast member last week, it was landmark moment in the history of the show.

Mexican-American comedian Melissa Villaseñor, 28, is part of a minority that is sorely represented when it comes to the likes of mainstream comedy.

Yet her recruiting already has dark clouds swirling overhead after a writer for Grist, Aura Bogado tweeted that Villaseñor had quickly gone through her entire Twitter history to delete more than 2,000 tweets over the course of a week.

Even the liberal Huffington Post weighed in:

‘Many of us were looking forward to the first Latina to join the ‘SNL’ cast in its over 40 year history. This is long overdue,’ Reign told The Huffington Post.

‘Jokes often go too far and are subjective. The line comedians walk is a thin one. But what I see in Melissa’s statements, in some cases, aren’t jokes but racist and anti-Black statements,’ Reign said.

‘Because neither Melissa nor ‘SNL’ have decided to comment, we are left to wonder if she understands why her tweets are harmful or if she feels any remorse. It is unfortunate that what began as a celebratory occasion is now overshadowed.’

Read these tweets below:





She needs to have James Comey check out these alleged deleted racist tweets. He’ll say that yes she did it, but that he feels it was unintentional, then exonerate her, it’ll all be good.

Do you think Melissa will keep her job at SNL after you had a chance to read these samples? Will they keep her on and slap her wrist? Let me know what you think below in our comment section.