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Meme Destroys Liberal Hypocrisy On Global Warming And Terrorism!

With ISIS conquering the Middle East, you’d think defeating them would be the number one issue ALL candidates are discussing.

But alas, the issue of “global warming” has taken priority. Bernie Sanders even tried linking the two, arguing that “global warming” was responsible for the rise of ISIS.

According to him, the difference between an ordinary citizen and a violent extremist is two degrees Fahrenheit.

The meme below puts both issues into perspective quite well:

H/T Steven Crowder

Even if you accept “global warming” don’t underestimate the ability of humans to adapt to their surroundings. In 1932 there were 5,073,283 climate related deaths globally. By 2013, there was only 29,404. If we really want to keep people safe from the climate, we should invest in protecting ourselves from it, not trying to change it.

Listen to Bernie’s whack explanation here.

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