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Meryl Streep Just Pissed Off Liberals Everywhere!


Ever since this year’s Oscars nominees were revealed and all of the lead actors nominated happened to be white, liberals have been trashing the awards show for its lack of diversity.

The hashtag #oscarssowhite began trending worldwide, but liberal actress Meryl Streep has refused to join in and instead has created her own controversy!

From The Daily Mail:

Meryl Streep has launched a bizarre defence of the all-white judging panel at the Berlin International Film Festival by arguing: ‘We’re all Africans, really’.

The actress became embroiled in the debate about diversity in the movie industry after the Oscars race row when she dismissed questions about the lack of ethnicity on the jury.

Streep, who heads a festival film panel for the first time, had been asked by an Egyptian reporter whether she understood films from the Arab world and North Africa.

Do you agree with Streep’s comments or were the uncalled for? Share your thoughts below!



  1. Woody says:

    Lack of diversity in awards shows but yet Beyonce didn’t have one white woman in her super bowl Clustermuck.

  2. maquignon says:

    Diversity for the sake of diversity is racial discrimination and is just as evil as any other! People have been arguing over who deserved oscars and who didn’t ever since the oscars started and adding race to the equation is preposterous.