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Mexico Calls Trump’s Immigration Plan Racist – But Look at How Many People They Deport


If there’s one thing anyone knows about Trump, it’s that he made his fortune as a success in the real estate business. How he stands on immigration is quickly becoming known as well.

After Trump released his recent immigration plan which called for mass deportation, among other provisions, the Mexican government was quick to come out and denounce it.  The Guardian quoted Mexico’s foreign ministry as saying “We continue to stand by our position that these comments reflect prejudice, racism or plain ignorance”

But if Mexico thinks America securing our borders and enforcing our laws is racist, maybe they should take a second look at themselves. America is hardly the only country with an illegal immigration problem. They have an illegal immigration problem of their own, and they’re doing much more to fix it than we are. To quote from Western Journalism:

Mexico deported 92,889 Central American individuals between October 2014 and April 2015. That is the number of “other than Mexican” illegals that Mexico sent back to their homelands. The U.S. only detained 70,226 “other than Mexican” illegals trying to get across our borders.

Why are they successful at deportation? Strict but simple immigration laws:

The process for anyone caught crossing the border into Mexico is rather speedy and with no lengthy red tape. People are held long enough to confirm their identity, and then they are promptly sent back to their country of origin. In the U.S., when a person is detained for crossing our borders illegally, he/she waits indefinitely for the proper paperwork to deport them; or, if one should claim asylum, it could take years for him or her to either be granted or denied asylum to the states. However, illegals are permitted to stay in the U.S. while they wait to be seen by an immigration judge.

I never thought I’d say it, but if we’re going to try to find solutions to the immigration crisis, we should do as the Mexicans do.

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