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Don’t Call It A Comeback! Obama Fired This General – Who Could Be Trump’s VP!

Michael Flynn

Barack Obama might have just seen a ghost!

Rumors for Donald Trump’s VP slot just got another name at this late date… and it’s Lt Gen. Michael Flynn. Flynn was reportedly forced out of his position after going toe-to-toe with Obama advisers on a range of policy decisions. Flynn has also been a vocal critic of Hillary Clinton and has called for her to suspend her presidential campaign while justice officials reviewed whether she and her aides mishandled classified information during her time in Obama’s Cabinet.

From NY Post:

A top military adviser to Donald Trump is being vetted to be his running mate, The Post has learned.

The outspoken and brash Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn — who was forced out of his post by the Obama administration in 2014 after pointing out the rising global jihadist threat — has already briefed the Republican presidential candidate on several occasions and is in close touch with high levels of Trump’s staff.

Flynn joins the ranks of GOP politicians being looked at for the high-profile pick, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa.

Although Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, made a name for himself speaking out against his former boss, he is not treating his potential future boss the same way.

“One of the things I expect Mr. Trump would look for in a vice president is discretion,” Flynn told The Post, coyly declining to comment on being vetted by Trump.

“All I would say is that I have been honored to serve my country for the past three decades and look forward to serving in other ways now that I am retired from the US Army,” he said. “I’ve been a soldier too long to refuse to entertain any request from a potential commander in chief.”

Trump praised Flynn in a statement to The Post.

“I have a lot of respect for Gen. Flynn, and his advice is important,” he said.

Watch this superb interview by Flynn:

Another reason many should like this guy is because he, like Trump, also cares for the military. Flynn has repeatedly warned about the deteriorating readiness of the U.S. military, a message that Trump often echoes during his campaign speeches.

If he gets the nod, I think he would be a great pick to be a strong shoulder of experience for Trump in the White House.

H/T: NY Post, YouTube/Lewandowski

What do you think about Flynn being nominated as Trump’s VP? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let us know what you think.



  1. Carlos says:

    I think he would be best suited for The Department of Defense. Well qualified and of course has no love for Obama and the same for me.

  2. Malissa says:

    Wow! I am for anyone that does not shut the American People out of the day to day business in the Government. obama (IDIOT< POS) promised his admin. would be transparent….WHAT A JOKE THAT IS. BUT HEY, DEMO RATS WILL SAY ANYTHING TO GET ELECTED. INCLUDING SELLING THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Carlos says:

      Democrats souls are from HELL. Hillary is the wife of Satan. Remember in the Bible Satan deceived Eve. Obama has been deceitful and Hillary is 10 times worse and the TRUTH is not in her.