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Why Would Anyone Support The GOP After Michael Reagan Said This About Trump?

Michael Reagan Trump

So Michael Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, wants to put the blame on Donald Trump if he loses the general election? This is so crazy and really angers me because someone like this should know better than to play politics like that.

All of these failed conservative names who have publicly tried to sabotage Trump on a daily basis don’t have any blame in this, Michael? Why do you want to lie about the real truth?

In the video below, Reagan kept saying Trump had to “kiss the ring” and kowtow to the very ones trashing him on a daily basis. Can you believe that?

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump is going to win the Republican Party’s nomination next month, but “if Donald Trump loses, it’s on his head,” political commentator Michael Reagan told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

“The Republican Party you may not like or people listening may not like, but they’re not stupid,” Reagan, the eldest son of former President Ronald Reagan, told “The Hard Line” host Ed Berliner in an interview.

“They’re not going to find a way to get rid of Donald Trump at the convention and have a riot on their hands,” he told Berliner. “They’ll let it play out. Donald Trump will win or he will lose the election of the United States.

“What I’m worried about and concerned about now is that it seems the Trump supporters are already trying to find a group to blame or someone to blame if in fact he loses.

“If Donald Trump loses, it’s on his head,” Reagan said. “It’s not on anybody else’s head.

“It’s on him because he didn’t have a message beyond a message to the base.”

Watch the full interview:

I once read how Michael was raised by his mother, Jane Wyman, and allegedly Nancy Reagan detested him. There is a famous story of President Reagan not recognizing him at a camp when he was governor. Michael was not invited to the inauguration or the White House.

Finally, Maureen – Michael’s sister – and Nancy patched things up over President Reagan’s illness. But ask Michael how often he visited his father? He never knew him and after his death exploited his name. The children Ronald raised have been more dignified.

I think he’s a sad man with issues, and Trump doesn’t need to fall on his knees for anyone when he’s won the most votes ever by a Republican candidate.

What do you think about this interview? Do you think Reagan is right in telling Trump it’s going to be fault if he loses? Share your views below in the comment section.

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  1. Michael says:

    you may not like trumps personality, but how could you possibly vote for hillary ?? she is a reckless,lying corrupt democrat who would be even worse than obama!! and we are not voting for her just because of her genitalia , and we really should have not voted for obama because of his skin color. this is serious business. would you bet on a horse just because you like the name ??

  2. John says:

    Michael Regan is totally off the mark for trying to put the blame squarely on Trump’s shoulder if Trump should loose in November. After all the Republican party did all that they could to try and sabotage Trump. They tried it by backing Bush in the beginning and when that failed there was Christy and then Cruz. I am voting for Trump because I don’t won’t the crooked Deomonicrats empire to get any bigger then it is. After all what have the Demonicrats given done in just these past 7+ years. Recap: Fast & Furious; Benghazi; email scandal; The biggest tax increase on the poor in the way of Obama Care; Made the US the biggest supporter of terrorism with the IRAN deal where Iran got everything and we got nothing. Not even our people that Iran was holding hostage.

    Time for term limits and big changes in DC. Anyone for which is running for re-election including the speaker of the house needs to be ran out of DC for good as they’ve over stayed their visit and proved they aren’t working for us the American people.

  3. Lana says:

    it will be the fault of the GOP for not standing behind him!