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Michael Savage’s Show ‘Sabotaged’ After He Asked Hillary This Question!

MIchael Savage

On Monday, radio host Michael Savage began speaking about Hillary Clinton’s health issues and told the audience he believes she might have Parkinson’s Disease. Immediately, WABC pulled him from the air and replaced him with a lesser known host.

If you are a conservative Republican, the name Michael Savage is one of those names you know like a family member. He was just inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Radio Show Personality, beating out my big brother Sean Hannity.

His show, “The Savage Nation” is a nationally syndicated talk show that is the second most-listened-to radio talk show in the country with an audience of over 20 million listeners on 400 stations across the United States, which is nothing to scoff about.

This is a huge deal and shouldn’t be looked over. Savage was pulled from the airwaves after speaking about Hillary’s medical condition.

From Breitbart:

Talk radio star Michael Savage has characterized his being abruptly pulled off the radio on Monday afternoon following a discussion of Hillary Clinton’s health issues as an act of “pure sabotage.”

In an email to this reporter on Monday night, Savage wrote:

Pure sabotage. No advance notice from me or my producers. Then ‘ISDN problems’ during my discussion of the side effects of Levodopa, used for treating Parkinson’s. Then the two fill-ins trying to sound informed and clever from WABC who have 40% lower ratings than me, boasting on air during my hours that they conducted a ‘coup’ by taking Savage off the air.

Breitbart News reported earlier:

Savage was abruptly pulled off the air on Monday afternoon after launching into a segment on Hillary Clinton’s delicate health…

Savage, host of the nationally syndicated The Savage Nation radio program, was discussing Hillary’s health and suggested she may have Parkinson’s disease when he was alerted that his show had been pulled from the air on New York’s WABC radio.

…Not long after discovering he was pulled from WABC, as Savage was telling his audience what happened in New York, his live feed was suddenly cut off to many of his other affiliates and a replay of an earlier episode was substituted for the live feed.

The Savage Nation is broadcast on the Westwood One radio network and is syndicated over some 400 stations nationwide. The show reportedly has an audience of over 20 million listeners. Savage is ranked as the seventh most listened to talk show hosts in the nation on the Talkers Magazine Heavy Hundred list.

Here is the second part of show explaining what happened and it’s a must listen to:

This is nothing new, our media is good at propaganda. A lot of people forget that the New York Times played an important role in helping Castro take Cuba. Their reporter Herbert Matthews met Castro in the Sierra Maestra mountains and basically instructed him on the use of radio and print propaganda.

The communists were so impressed with the Times that Che Guevara said this in his diaries – “A foreign reporter — preferably American — was much more valuable to us at that time than any military victory. Much more valuable than rural recruits for our guerrilla force, were American media recruits to export our propaganda.”

Not that this would be of much comfort to Mr. Savage but Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was cut off when she started to criticize Hillary Clinton, Huffington Post has fired several reporters that dared to criticize the anointed one (LOL) and Donald Trump was cut off when he started to comment about the role Hillary and Obama played in the creation of ISIS (or the continuation of ISIS). I’m sure Mr. Savage has a huge listener base and won’t be off the air for long I can promise you that!

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