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Hillary Thinks Michelle Obama is a Friend, This Video Says Otherwise!

michelle obama attacks hillary

I understand those in politics have to use expediency while biting their tongues on certain principles and positions. Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton believes First Lady Michelle Obama is her friend and continues to use her words while campaigning, such as “They go low, we go high.”

Well, this 2007 video below of Mrs. Obama campaigning for her husband Barack should get a lot of play in the next couple of weeks because Michelle thought differently of the way Hillary kept house. No doubt she was alluding to Bill’s infidelities and Hillary not being able to straighten her house out.

This video below should prove that George Soros-bought politicians will do and say anything to get their party in the White House since the Obamas are campaigning and praising Crooked Hillary for president. No more career politicians in the people’s house.

This just shows how much of a dog and pony show our politics really are. Both Republicans and Democrats go to the same parties. I guess it’s understood that whatever you say against someone it’s not personal, it’s just politics. They all have an understanding among themselves.

It really is nice that Michelle is skilled at bringing emotional messages, that is all great , but when your enemy (Hillary) becomes your best bud and savior of the nation, it leaves the voting public with a very confused message to decipher.

Funny how “family values’ have become the big deal all of a sudden when on the local and global scale many thousands of families have died under Obama administration.

Regardless of party, the establishment elites are globalist elites. They own almost every part of the media. Hillary is the current puppet of the globalists whose every move is orchestrated and every word is scripted. With a single Supreme Court appointee, our Constitution will be rendered null and void and we will fall under the thumb of the U.N.

H/T: Conservative Outfitters

Do you think this is all an act? A show? Do you think Michelle Obama likes campaigning for Hillary after their 2007 fight? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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