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Middle Eastern Refugees Flooded Germany – Then Government Forced Its Citizens to Do This


When German Chancellor Angela Merkel threw open the doors of her nation to the hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern migrants making their way into Europe, a few of us asked, not unreasonably, how these new German citizens would be fed, housed, clothed, and educated. How would this be paid for? And how would native Germans react?

Well, we now have some answers… and they ain’t pretty.

Authorities in the small town of Eschbach have just informed Gabrielle Keller that the home she has lived in for over twenty years is going to be taken from her… and given to Middle Eastern “refugees.”

Ms. Keller is the second German women who has been informed that she is being evicted to make way for the overwhelmingly young, male, and Muslim economic migrants.

The authorities kindly gave Ms. Keller until the end of the year to find another place to live, but she is already planning to challenge the government’s eviction order.

You can be sure that more of these eviction orders will be passed on to native Germans, who are being forced to make room for the 800,000+ immigrants Chancellor Merkel wants to welcome.

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H/T: London Telegraph