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Refugees Sexually Assault 30 at Music Festival


Germany gleefully opened up the floodgates to the refugee population without any concern for the consequences. And boy have there been consequences.

Most of us heard about the mass sex attacks in Cologne and other German cities on New Years, where thousands of women were raped, grouped, and violated by Muslim migrants traveling in gangs. That was hardly the only case of mass sex abuse caused by migrants. Sexual violence is skyrocketing in Germany, and the official statistics are understating the problem, by only counting solved sex crime cases. By one estimate, 90% of all sex crimes don’t appear in the statistics.

And what has Germany gotten in return? Nothing – and they blew their entire budget surplus last year on costs associated with refugees.

Bremen police have admitted that they have at least 24 alleged sexual assault investigations open following a cultural festival where women say they were sexually harassed by young migrant men.

“Breminale” is a multi-day festival in the city of Bremen designed to celebrate the different cultures in the city. Police have revealed that some have used the festival as an excuse to harass and sexually assault at least 24 young German girls. The perpetrators are all said to be asylum seekers and authorities say they currently have 5 suspects, all Afghan nationals aged 17-18. The migrants are said to have committed the crimes in broad daylight, reports German broadcaster ARD.

The main incident occurred at a concert of punk band “Alltag” at around 3:05pm. The sexual harassment was so brazen and obvious to the crowd and the band that the band even stopped playing music in order to tell the migrants to stop groping and attacking the young girls at the concert.

Two of the victims of the attack came froward to German media to give their side of the ordeal. The pair of teens aged 17 and 18 claimed they were groped with one saying: ” I was pinched right on the chest.” The other girl claimed that the sex attackers were widespread among the crowd: “I would say definitely more than half of the women who were at this show and stood toward the far front, were touched by these types.  I would say definitely 30 women.”

H/T Breitbart

And what do the useful idiots and virtue signalers in Washington want to do? Bring in more refugees. Barack Obama already has plans to bring in 10,000 (and we’re closing to reaching that target), while Hillary wants to increase the total to 65,000.

Liberals are always saying we should learn from other countries – let’s learn from Germany.

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