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The Left’s Hypocrisy On Migrants And Sexual Assault EXPOSED!


Columnist Ashe Schow has a DEVASTATING take-down of how the left handles rape and sexual assault allegations:

The main issue here is how the reported sexual assaults were handled. As David Frum noted on Twitter, “If the Cologne attackers had belonged to a fraternity, their coordinated sexual assaults would be the biggest story on earth right now.”

That’s not to say the attacks that took place in Cologne and other European cities aren’t big news — they certainly are — but Frum is right that if the alleged perpetrators had been anyone other than asylum seekers, the response would have been devastating and swift.

But that’s how it works in the Left’s “pyramid of grievances.” Women alleging sexual assault and rape take a back seat to asylum seekers from certain parts of the world. They also take a back seat if the man they accuse is a popular Democrat, like Bill Clinton.

She could not be more correct. While the left trumpets fake rape charges against fraternities, it stays silent when the perpetrators are a “minority.”

“Political Correctness” is dangerous and is putting lives at risk.

We have to confront the reality that male migrants coming from Syria and other Muslim countries are a significant threat to women.

If only they all rushed Sigma Chi, then we could get the left to care about their victims!

Watch more on the mass sexual assault in Cologne here:

Share this. We have to fight against this and expose the left for the dangerous hypocrites they are!