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This VP Choice Spent The Weekend With Trump! Is This It?

mike pence trump

Donald Trump met with Indiana Governor Mike Pence this weekend as rumors are circulated that he is a possible vice-presidential choice for the presumptive GOP nominee. But that leak is getting a huge backlash from social media as well as residents of that state.

I thought for weeks it would be Newt Gingrich. I’ve seen nothing to change my mind. Trump says he wants someone with Washington experience, something these governors lack.

mike pence trump

From USAToday:

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is meeting with Donald Trump this weekend amid speculation that he is being vetted as a possible running mate.

Pence spokesman Marc Lotter confirmed the plans Friday morning but said he couldn’t comment on the topic of the meeting.

“Gov. Pence has accepted an invitation to spend a little time with Mr. Trump this weekend,” Lotter said. “That’s consistent with meetings Mr. Trump is holding with many key party leaders.”

The Trump campaign did not return messages from IndyStar on Friday.

Pence said Thursday he has not talked to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee directly about becoming his running mate, but he also declined to rule out the possibility amid a report from NBC News that he is “in play” as a vice presidential pick.

The governor is among more than eight Republicans being vetted by the Trump campaign as a potential running mate, according to The Washington Post, which named former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the leading contenders.

A face-to-face visit suggests that the vetting process is moving to the next stage ahead of the Republican National Convention later this month when delegates from across the country will formally nominate the party’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

Pence has done a terrible job as Governor. His policies are like taking a trip backward, instead of forward. NJ Governor Chris Christie and Gingrich would be a good running mate. Both can really dish it out . The ultra right wing of the GOP will not like that choice, but they have no choice or else they get Hillary Clinton and eight more years of complaining while she dismantles whatever remains of America.

H/T: USAToday

Do you vote Republican? What do you think of Pence as a choice for VP? Will that shore up the Christian base or will it further divide it? Share your opinions below.

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