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Mike Rowe Reads Funny Email From His Mother and She Does Not Disappoint!

mike rowe

Mike Rowe is a funny guy and we think we might know where he got it from.

Recently, he received a sassy email from him mother after she had called him several times during the weekend but failed to reach him.

In her email, she describes the fiasco she and Rowe’s father went through trying to find her lost purse at a local Walmart. And let me tell you, this woman is a talented storyteller.

Watch Mike read his mother’s email below:

It’s no wonder Rowe is such a powerful writer and excellent story teller, as well! He must have heard stories like her Walmart search all his life!

Update: Mike Rowe went to work, and 36 hours later, he checked Facebook and found that thousands of people have heard him reading the letter from his mom.

Take a look below and see his joy and appreciation:

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Comments on “Mike Rowe Reads Funny Email From His Mother and She Does Not Disappoint!”

  1. Deborah says:

    That was a really cute video, reading your mother’s email. Moms have a way of getting their message across. God Love Em!