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Mike Rowe Offers Common Sense About Voting and Civic Duty

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Mike Rowe is a major Hollywood star, and host of the popular television show Dirty Jobs but unlike his fellow actors, he is not a leftist.

In fact, Rowe just took a powerful stand against Hollywood stars encouraging their fans to vote in this upcoming election.

Speaking on Fox & Friends, Rowe argued “If I’m wrong, I’m standing by to be corrected, but as I understand the Constitution — and I’m certainly not an expert — but it seems to be a right. And there’s lots of rights in there and the way I figure is most rights come with some measure of responsibility.”

Essentially, Rowe said that he doesn’t want uneducated people voting simply because they want to vote, and he believes celebrities shouldn’t be advocating mass voting by people who are unaware of the issues at hand.

The TV host stressed: “So all I really said was by all means vote, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t vote or that you shouldn’t vote. But if you’re a public figure and you’re going to go out and say, ‘Hey, look at the Second Amendment is a fantastic right, everybody should go get a gun,’ I think people would be like, ‘Wait a minute, really everybody? Are you sure?”

Rowe is absolutely right. While voting is important, it is essential that Americans “understand why you exercise the right you exercise” so you don’t cast a misguided vote simply because you have the right to do so.

Democrats rely on uneducated voters flooding the polls to win elections, as they know those who are educated won’t be fooled by their leftist promises.

H/T: Fox News

Do you agree with Rowe that Hollywood shouldn’t be encouraging voting, especially when most of these voters are uninformed? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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