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It’s Official! Military Members Want This Guy For President!


I don’t know who General Richard Mattis is and I am sure many Americans do not either but it seems the Military would support him if he ran for President.

There have been many military servicemen who became President Of The United States. I for one believe they make the best leaders because of their discipline and experience on the battlefield. If Mattis is that type of guy then it’s a strong possibility he would be the best man for the position. However, Mattis has stated he doesn’t want the job so with that said, honor his decision.

While I would support a military minded individual to run for office, it’s very important the next leader has the ability to work with the military and gain their trust. Our military has been decimated over the past eight years with Obama in charge. He doesn’t care about the sacrifices of our men and women and it’s not a priority to them.

I never voted for Obama and I could never see him in a military uniform unless he stole it. As Commander-In-Chief, Obama has been a feckless leader and has lost the direction of what was once a stable and solid military force. For that, I think the military members who took part in this poll are correct.

From Roll Call:

Retired Marine General Richard Mattis has ruled out running a third-party bid for president this year, but the troops wish he would.

In a Military Times survey released Tuesday, 52 percent of its readers said Mattis would be a positive influence in the race and 16 percent said his entry would have a negative one. A third said a Mattis campaign would not make a difference.

The survey also showed that 21 percent of those responding said they wouldn’t vote if their only choices were Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

Mattis, 65, who Military Times says has a “cult-like following” among the troops for his blunt talk and impressive resumé, turned down overtures to mount a campaign, the New York Times reported, after being courted by conservatives opposed to Trump leading the Republican ticket.

The Times reported that Mattis, who retired as head of the U.S. Central Command in 2013 after a 34-year career, listened to pitches during a visit to Washington in April and that he hadn’t offered himself up as a candidate.

Military Times said it conducted its survey by emailing more than 59,000 active duty, National Guard and military reserve subscribers and 951 respondents completed the survey.

Here is what social media users are saying:

Looks like Mattis as a candidate is a sweet deal for some but name recognition is huge and Mattis doesn’t have any. I am sure most of the Republican base has never heard of him and he probably has no message for crossover voters either which I think would be very important these days.

What do you think? Could you support a military General as your next leader? Share your opinions below and add this to your Facebook and Twitter page for discussion.