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Military Wife Reveals Incredible Secret She’s Kept for Over a Year!

Can you imagine keeping a huge, exciting secret from your spouse for an entire year? That’s exactly what Misty Shaffer chose to do while her husband Larry was deployed in Afghanistan!

While he was away, she made a pact with herself to lose weight and her results shocked everyone! She was able to keep it a secret from him by not posting any full body pictures online and would only send him photos of her from the shoulders up. He never caught on!


By the time he arrived home, Misty had lost over 100 pounds! She and her family met him the airport — watch Larry’s face (below) as it changes from bewilderment to joy once he realizes the small woman running to him is his wife!

Since the reunion, Misty has kept off the weight and is now a size 6 down from a size 24! She told CNN:

“[When] you never thought you’d see that moment, that somebody can pick you up … it is a big deal. I’ve seen how hard I worked, and what I had to go through to get to this point.”

H/T: Christian Post


Well done, Misty! And thank you to Larry and all our wonderful men and women who serve this great country! Share this inspiring story and let us know what your thoughts in the comments!