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Caught On Tape: Black Lives Matter Threatens To Burn The Suburbs In Milwaukee!

Milwaukee riots

Over the weekend, a Milwaukee police officer shot and killed a criminal who repeatedly pointed an illegal gun at the officer.

The Milwaukee police officer’s body cam will be released soon but from what Mayor Tom Barrett has seen, confirms the shooter had a gun and didn’t listen to the officer on the scene which caused the shooting incident.

Here’s a message to the non-thinking low-information protester who has decided to tear down Milwaukee because they have nothing else to do, rioting and looting are not the answer.

If you want the public to take the situation seriously, that’s going about it the wrong way. Do we have a problem? Yes we do. Remember the police officers have to go home to their families as well. If he had a weapon and if he was aiming or shooting at the police what did you think he was going to do? You are leaving your city in ruins because you are mad.

When everyone watches the video, there are going to be a lot of stupid faces on the rioters and angry faces on business owners who didn’t have anything to do with the entire incident.

From Blue Lives Matter:

After reviewing the shooting footage, Milwaukee Chief Edward Flynn said, “The individual did turn toward the officer with a firearm in his hand.” Chief Flynn added that Smith was “raising up with” the gun at the time that he was shot by the officer.

The initial stop occurred at around 3:30 PM on Saturday when Milwaukee police officers conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle. After the car stopped, at least two of the vehicle’s occupants, including Smith, fled on foot.

An unidentified 24-year-old black male officer chased after Smith. During the chase, Smith pulled out a stolen pistol that was fully loaded with stolen ammunition, and Smith raised the pistol to the officer. The officer ordered Smith to drop the gun and shot when he did not comply.

There is no audio on the body camera footage because there is a 30 second audio delay on the body camera.

The shooting prompted Black Lives Matter “activists” to start rioting.

During the riots, multiple buildings were set on fire, shots were fired at police and firefighters, bricks were thrown at officers and patrol cars, at least two patrol cars were set on fire, and an officer was hit over the head with a brick. A gas station was set on fire during the riot, and firefighters were unable to respond due to shots being fired at first responders.

Three police officers were hospitalized after being attacked during the riots. One officer was a female officer who sustained a concussion and needed to get stitches after she was struck in the head with a brick.

The city’s ShotSpotter system reported 48 instances of gunfire during the riots.

I wish the people who were inciting these riots would be charged. I wish the people who come out to riot would understand they are being targeted by the media because the media knows they will riot. I wish they would rise above all this.

This is not a #blacklivesmatter situation. The man had a loaded gun. This is an opportunity. Opportunity for the ignorant, unruly CHILDREN to destroy that city and people’s lives. Sadly enough, any police-involved shooting up there will give thugs a reason to act irresponsibly.

This shooting gave thugs a reason to justify the crime. This is not a #blacklivesmatter situation; this is their opportunity to get away with violence. Period.

What do you think about the rioting of Milwaukee and the burning down of businesses? Share your comments below and give us an idea of what you are thinking. 


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  1. Marilyn says:

    Any excuse to LOOT and destroy.