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Shocking New Details About Man Killed By Milwaukee Cops EXPOSED!

A black man was shot by police in Milwaukee on Saturday, and the city quickly descended into chaos.

Was this a case of a questionable use of police force where police shot an unarmed black man who may not have posed a threat to them? Was it just another “proof” of how racist police are?

Well, Black Lives Matter is protesting his death, so you can pretty much assume no. It was known before riots began that the man shot was armed with an illegal firearm. He was shot after being told to drop the weapon a number of times by police. Oh – and the race of the officer who shot him? Black.

As for the reason of why he was armed with an illegal firearm, that’s because he couldn’t obtain one legally due to his extensive criminal record. And as it turns out, he may have been gang affiliated.

The armed black man shot in Milwaukee yesterday after fleeing police officers was probably Blood gangbanger of some kind.

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Ja’Kari Rocaine, who went to school in Milwaukee before moving to Detroit, says his cousin was the man shot and killed.

He refers to him as a “Blood,” and uses hashtags referencing the “Trill Vill Gang.” The dead man named “Syville/Savill Smith” is pictured with a rifle.

A reverse image search shows the picture exists nowhere else on the web, indicating it is original.

Rocaine, presumably the dead criminal’s gangbanger brother, is calling for “cups” and “gallons” of blood from police officers.


He uses the word “pig,” a deragatory slur for police officers.

The address Rocaine uses is the same one confirmed by local news sources: near North 44th and Auer on the North Side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Police have not confirmed the dead man’s name yet, but if it is Syville/Savill Smith, it is yet another #BlackLivesMatter “martyr” who is actually a known gangbanger, just like Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, as GotNews proved.

Sounds like the family is just a whole bunch of outstanding citizens (sarcasm intended). I suppose the DNC just found a whole new lineup of speakers for convention next election season.

H/T GotNews

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