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Baseball Player Has Perfect Response To Team Banning His Son From Games!


The Chicago White Sox asked slugger Adam LaRoche to limit how much time he spends with his son at the clubhouse, and the star player responded by walking away, leaving $13 million on the table.

Fox Sports reported:

So why in the world did Adam LaRoche decide to retire and walk away from his $13 million salary in 2016? The reason might make a lot of folks cringe — especially those associated with the Chicago White Sox.

FOX Sports MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal reports LaRoche was unhappy that White Sox President Ken Williams told him he had to limit the time his 14-year-old son, Drake, spent with the team.

LaRoche tweeted a message about putting family first and thanking God for his time playing baseball:

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post explains that LaRoche’s family wanted him to retire in previous seasons, but he had found a happy medium by bringing his son with him to games and practices.

“LaRoche did not fulfill his kids’ request to retire early in large part because he could at least make Drake part of his profession,” Kilgore writes.

“For LaRoche, bringing his son to the ballpark was a family tradition.”

It would appear that telling LaRoche he could spend less time with his son backfired on the White Sox in a big way. In fact, teammates rallied around their friend and were prepared to boycott a game because of management’s decision to limit family visits.

Outfielder Adam Eaton tweeted his support for LaRoche:

Check out this report on the LaRoche/White Sox saga:

Comment: What are your thoughts on this situation? Were the White Sox making a reasonable request? Was Adam LaRoche’s decision to quit instead of limiting time with family a great move? Or maybe it was a bit of both? Share your thoughts below!